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Heartwarming Soup in a Lucky Shape

Japanese traditional flavor soups gift pack 6 servings (Mushroom, bamboo shoots, plum)

Japanese traditional flavor soups gift pack 6 servings (Mushroom, bamboo shoots, plum)

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1. Delicious Japanese traditional soup with just hot water

In order to thoroughly extract nutrients and flavor, this product uses an advanced freeze-drying process and is vacuumed to minimize heating. We allow you to prepare delicious Japanese traditional soup with just hot water. Using dashi extracted from high-quality fish and kelp as the base, the product offers the taste of real Japanese soup.

2. Soup with healthy ingredients that symbolized fortune

There are three flavors with three kinds of ingredients: matsutake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and plums, which are likened to pine, bamboo, and plum trees, which represent the joys of life. The natural ingredients are used to accentuate the umami characteristic of Japanese cuisine in pursuit of taste.

3. A Perfect Gift for Good Luck

Traditional Japanese soup encased in a festive "sea bream" shaped monaka. A thoughtful gift that is rich in flavor and filling the heart, suitable for a celebration meal.




1. Mushroom
Glutinous rice, flavoring, matsutake mushroom, yuzu, mitsuba
Contains milk and fish

2. Bamboo shoot
Glutinous rice, flavoring, dried bamboo shoots, dried seaweed, dried green onion
Contains milk and fish

3. Plum
Glutinous rice, flavoring, plum flakes (plum paste, flavoring), sea bream flakes (sea bream, flavoring), dried seaweed, mitsuba/acidifier, Monascus purpureus dye, antioxidant (vitamin E)]

Contains wheat, milk, fish

How to eat

1. Prepare a 7oz soup bowl of your choice. Use a teaspoon to gently tap one side of the fish shape, creating a small cavity.

2. Next, pour the contents inside into the bowl (Don't throw the fish away yet!) and add 5.5oz of boiled water. Adjust the amount of water to your preference.

3. Put the fish back into the bowl to make it float, and enjoy its appearance. Allow it to cool for a few minutes until it reaches a suitable temperature for consumption.

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