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Veggie Patties 6pcs

Veggie Patties 6pcs

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1. Juicy texture made from konjac and soybeans

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, it uses konjac and soybeans to achieve a juicy texture.

2. Low calorie, high protein, good for diet

Rich in protein, it is excellent for bodybuilding and a ideal choice for those on a diet. With its low calorie and carbohydrate content, it serves as a good diet food. It also offers a reliable source of protein, making it an ideal nutritional supplement before and after training or exercise.

3. Soy smell reduced, natural flavor patty

We have developed a technology to eliminate the distinctive smell of soybeans.
This enables you to enjoy a natural flavored patty with minimal seasoning.
The gentle flavor can be customized to your preference by adding your favorite seasonings, and it can be safely enjoyed by children.
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