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Fresh and natural dripping Tea leaves

Brown Rice Tea "Genmaicha" 80g/2.82oz

Brown Rice Tea "Genmaicha" 80g/2.82oz

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1. The freshness of unique blend from brown rice and green tea

The aroma of brown rice tantalizes your nostrils, while the green tea crafted from carefully selected Ichibancha (first-grade green tea) offers a subtle flavor and refreshing taste.

2. Pure and natural Chemical-free cultivation

The tea leaves are grown in gardens that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This ensures a wholesome, untainted organic tea.

3. Low caffeine due to the brown rice content

The rice mixture reduces the amount of tea leaves used, resulting in a tea with lower caffeine content, making it suitable for children and the elderly.


Organic brown rice
Organic green tea

How to eat

Gently pour hot water into the teapot and allowing it to steep for 90 seconds. Following this, pour it gradually and attentively into the teacup. The crucial aspect to remember is to pour slowly and carefully. Avoid swirling the teapot as it might accentuate the astringency.

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