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Tutorial and tips from the experts

  • How to Use Leonis Iron-on No-Sew Hem Tape

    Hem like a pro without sewing! Our LEONIS Iron-on Instant Hem Tape, recommended by 30-year sewing expert Olga, comes with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips in our article.

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  • Crafting with LEONIS Products

    If you also love handicrafts, you must not miss Maridah's review of LEONIS products on her blog. With LEONIS products, handmade crafting becomes so easy and fun.

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Wisdom of Living Advice

Tutorial and tips

  • Wardrobe emergency saver in a can?!

    Say goodbye to wardrobe emergencies with our palm-sized sewing kits.

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  • Home and Travel Thread Kit: Look No Further

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, read this and unlock your creativity now!

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  • Guide to Sewing Pattern Symbols

    Understanding sewing pattern symbols is essential. We have prepared a guide that covers all the most common types of pattern symbols you need.

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  • The Perfect Sewing Kit for Travelers, Adventurers, and Trail Blazers

    Don't let a clothing malfunction ruin your adventure!!

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  • How to Remove Clothes Wrinkles During Travel?

    An ultimate travel companion is handy when you are struggling with wrinkles during travel. Discover how you can enjoy your travels without worrying about wrinkled clothes!

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  • Hard To Use Sticky Zippers?: Look No Further

    Struggling with a stuck zipper? Try natural carnauba wax and find out why!

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  • Clothing Care Is Essential … Especially Now!

    Fight stubborn shirt stains with the Leonis Stain Remover Pen.

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  • How DIY clothing repairs can save your time and money

    Check out this article, and you'll be ready to handle unexpected wardrobe issues with ease.

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Product Pamphlet

  • Fabric Marking Pen

    To draw on all projects with full control!

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  • Sewing Thread Kit

    Creating a clean and organized environment for art and craft activities can greatly enhance your sewing experience.

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  • Sewing Kit

    Worry less about wardrobe emergencies while outing when you have all the tools in hand.

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  • Iron-on Instant Hem Tape

    Not only apparel, but it could also use on interior goods like curtains, table cloth, etc. Furthermore, it could also be your awesome partner in crafting and creating.

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  • Stain Remover Pen

    To live a worry-free life with spotless clothing all-day.

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  • Zipper Wax Pen

    An instant, scentless and gentle caring simple solution to prolong the life of your favorite items.

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  • Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer

    Effortlessly remove wrinkles, eliminate static, and deodorize your clothes. This is the ultimate travel buddy you've been waiting for!

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  • Travel Size Static Guard & Anti-Pilling

    Dress clinging, lint forming on sweaters, and pet fur sticking are no longer an issue for you. This will be your ultimate travel buddy!

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