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Palm-sized wardrobe emergency solution in a can

Compact Sewing Kit

Compact Sewing Kit

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Common problems that customers may encountered

Need an emergency repair but you're out? Right before the big meeting and you notice your cuff has a loose button? Small fixes are not a worry with the correct tools! We provide an all-in-one palm-sized authentic qualities solution.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

1. Ready-for-use 128 braided high-quality threads of 30 colors

Each thread is 80cm (3 inches) long, this allows better hand control. While the multi-color threads help to find the perfect matching color for the mend.

2. Quality and versatile tools for multipurpose utilization

Includes 128 braided 30-color threads, metal scissors, tweezers, needle threader, safety pin, needles, and 2 two-hold buttons.

3. Palm-sized wardrobe emergency solution in a can

It is light as an egg! Only 57g! A sewing kit you could bring it everywhere and be prepared for any wardrobe emergencies.


What difference a quality sewing kit can make?

Worry less about wardrobe emergencies while outing when you have all the tools in hand.


Package Dimensions: 178*70*18mm
Product Dimensions: 70*17mm
Weight: 57g

How to use

1. Select
Pick out the neatly placed tool you want.

2. Repair
Swiftly patch up any clothing.

3. Store
Put the tools and extra parts back and properly pack them in their case.

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  • The Best

    "Very cool, very useful, perfectly thought out kit. I use for travel, and also multi-day hiking"

  • It's my favorite!

    "I've been using this product for a while now, and I'm really enjoying it. They can case is a bit plain, but the way it fits nicely is cute. It's such a shame to use it.
    The only drawback is that there is no needle holder. So you have to hold the needle in your mouth while working. The scissors are small, but even as a man, I didn't find them difficult to use. As a compact size sewing set, I think it is sufficient for my needs as a whole."

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