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Keeps Looking Neat with Iron-free

Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer

Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer

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Common problems that customers may encountered

Wrinkles or creases can happen in clothing for just a few hours! No iron in the hotel room? Many studies show that people perceive others based on their clothing. We provide a portable and iron-free wrinkle remover solution that is great for travel.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

1. TSA-friendly bottle for travel hassle-free

Take this portable and convenient item wherever you go.

2. Keeps looking neat with iron-free

Safe to use anywhere, around children, and at times when there is no access to electricity.

3. All-in-one fabric care for multipurpose

Helps you keep your clothes fresh, wrinkled-removed, and static-free in a matter of minutes.


Why should you want this?

Not only wrinkles are quickly removed, but also make your clothes statics-free and deodorized.


Material: Purified water, Specifically modified inorganic, Surfactant

Dimensions: 170*70*25mm
Liquid Volume: 100ml
Weight: 130g

How to use

1. Spray
Spray lightly all over the clothing.

2. Smooth
Smooth the garment out with your hand, pulling at the wrinkles to make them straight.

3. Dry
Dry the clothing until it isn’t damp anymore and enjoy!

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  • Wrinkles are removed.

    "Creases can be removed quickly. I’ve been using a famous brand sold in stores for years, but this one removes wrinkles better. After all, it’s more than twice the price. I also like the fact that it is odorless."

  • For daily care of suits. Wrinkles disappear overnight!

    "The night before, I sprayed my suit pants and jacket with leonis wrinkle remover spray and hung them up, and the next day the wrinkles were gone! Amazing!!"

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