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Natural carnauba brings smoothness

Zipper Wax Pen

Zipper Wax Pen

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Common problems that customers may encountered

Jacket with a jammed zipper? Struggling to close your suitcase? Before you throw your favorite items away, you should try this out! We provide a natural and simple ingredient for a freeing solution.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

1. Natural carnauba brings smoothness

Scentless and works on any type of metal and plastic zipper.

2. Instant smooth & Accurate application

Designed with a spring-loaded mechanism for easy fluid control. And a soft felt pen tip for gentle and accurate application.

3. Transparent body pen-type design

Allows liquid volume can be checked at any time.


How is this different from other zipper wax?

Not only it is an instant solution, but also it is scentless, causing no mess or damage to surrounding fabrics.


Dimensions: 180*55*18mm
Liquid Volume: 12ml
Weight: 24g

How to use

1. Apply
Apply the product and control the flow by pressing down slightly.

2. Blend
Blend it out evenly by attempting to open and close the zipper a few times. 

3. Wipe
Wipe any excess liquid that you may have when complete.

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  • Worked perfectly!

    "It is easy to use and performs well. I was ready to donate an expensive bag because the zipper was way too hard to manage. I purchased this product and the zipper works better than when it was new."

  • Worked exactly as expected

    "My first job was working in a dry cleaner and we had a wax stick for the stubborn zippers. We'd rub the wax up/down the zipper and it would magically help make the zipper flow smoothly.
    I have a garden cover and the zipper has grown stubborn through the seasons. I got this wax stick to see if it would help make the zipper do its job. Sure enough. I used it a couple times on the zipper and now it is a smooth zipper and I don't have to replace it. Super happy with that!"

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