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500m guarantee and Naturally Disappear

Disappearing Ink Fabric Marking Pen

Disappearing Ink Fabric Marking Pen

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Common problems that customers may encountered

Does the marker dry out quickly? Sewing box too full? Washing is troublesome? Plan your DIY, transfer your designs and mark any fabric with full control! We provide a short pen that could take your mark further.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

1. Naturally Disappear and leave no trace behind

Depending on the temperature and humidity levels, it will disappear within 1 to 10 days. Alternatively, it can easily be removed with water.

2. Draw accurate and precise lines with every stroke

High-quality made sharp and firm pen tip holds its shape and ability to distribute ink smoothly.

3. 500m guarantee, Small yet mighty lines

Despite the smaller-than-average size, it ensures usage extension and avoids drying out. Amazing use of 500m (1640 ft) before emptying. *Verified with writing test machine.


Why choose ours?

To draw on all projects with promise.


【1 bag (5pcs)】
Material: Ink/Acid dye
Dimentions: 147*60*10mm
Weight: 22g

【1 bag (10pcs)】
Material: Ink/Acid dye
Dimentions: 147*120*10mm
Weight: 50g

How to use

1. Draw
Mark or transfer your favorite designs on fabric
*Tip: Do a patch test on the fabric before use, as several types of fabric cannot be marked with marking pen

2. Cut/Sew
Cut out the patterns; sew or embroider along the transferred designs

3. Erase
Let the ink do its disappearing magic or wipe the marks off yourself with a damp cloth

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  • Works!

    "So far these are working great for me. I use them for marking buttons and buttonholes. Being able to mark precisely with these fine tip markers is extremely helpful when marking buttonholes! I can see exactly where I need to sew and the markings disappear!! I’ve used on light colored 100% cotton fabric and it works great! Would recommend.
    I am a professional seamstress of 20yrs."

  • THESE ARE AMAZING!! Read this!!!!

    "I LOVE THESE!!! I’ve been trying to embroider on a white hoodie I bought and I was unsure of a marker that would completely come out of white fabric and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I did a test run myself and I found that the lines disappear over the course of a couple days if you draw them very lightly, but if you go over lines a few times they won’t fade as fast but they still fade and it ALL COMES OUT WITH WATER!!! I only used cold water to rinse mine out with no soap and the more water you use the more it dilutes the ink and then BOOM the marker is completely out of the fabric. I highly recommend!!!!"


    "I have tried several different kinds of air erase markers and these are by far my favorite. I am a sewing teacher, so I sew A LOT and these have never let me down. They last quite a while, draw a nice line, and usually vanish within a day. It's long enough for your marks to be useful, but not permanent. I have purchased these on multiple occasions and will continue to do so. I absolutely love them :)"