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Wellness warming up with special tea

Roasted Green Tea "Hojicha" 80g/2.82oz

Roasted Green Tea "Hojicha" 80g/2.82oz

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1. Roasted tea stems that boost the tea aroma

Koubou Hojicha is crafted by gently roasting only the stems of the first tea leaves. Initially, tea stems possess a naturally sweet and savory aroma, which is further enhanced through the roasting process, resulting in an even more fragrant infusion.

2. Pure and natural Chemical-free cultivation

The tea leaves are grown in gardens that do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This ensures a wholesome, untainted organic tea.

3. The Power of Hojicha's Pyrazine for Health Benefits

The primary component of hojicha's aroma, pyrazine, contributes to stabilizing the mind, enhancing blood flow, increasing sensitivity to cold, alleviating stiff shoulders, addressing menstrual irregularities, and alleviating skin issues such as dullness, dark circles, and roughness.


Organic green tea

How to eat

How to brew delicious aromatic stick hojicha [for 3 people (250cc)]
6g tea leaves (4~5 teaspoons)
Hot water temperature 80°C
Brewing time: 40 seconds

1. Pour the boiling water into the teacup and let it cool. Next, transfer the hot water from the teacup to the teapot to warm it. 
※ Each time the hot water is transferred, the temperature drops by about 10℃.
2. Return the hot water from the teapot to the teacup and add the tea leaves to the teapot.
3. Pour the hot water from the teacup into the teapot.
4. Allow some time for the tea to steep until it reaches the desired flavor.
5. Slowly turn the teapot to unfurl the tea leaves, and carefully pour the brewed tea into the teacup. Make sure to pour out every last drop of tea.
6. After pouring, gently tap the opposite side of the teapot from the spout to release any bias in the tea.

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