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Easy-to-made luxurious natural flavor

(Hokkaido Product) Corn Soup 20g/0.7oz x 12pcs

(Hokkaido Product) Corn Soup 20g/0.7oz x 12pcs

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1. Rich Taste with Plenty of High-Quality Hokkaido Corn

We use plenty of morning-harvested corn from Monbetsu city of Hokkaido, with a sugar content more than 14 degrees. This ensures you can savor the rich flavor of soft and sweet corn.

2. No Chemical Seasonings, Tasty and Healthy

This potage soup contains no chemical seasonings and fully embracing the flavors of each ingredient.

3. Quick and Easy to Make, Offering Restaurant-Quality Soup.

Simply pour hot water, mix, and enjoy restaurant-quality potage soup. You can also add croutons, parsley, cream, etc. as desired for an even more delicious taste.


Sweet corn powder, sugar, starch, dextrin, milk, creaming powder, salt, onion powder, yeast extract powder, cheese powder, protein hydrolysate, protein-enriched whey powder, fermented seasoning, carrot powder, spices, celiac powder, flavoring, carotene coloring, thickener agent (guar gum)

Contains milk, wheat, and soybeans

How to eat

It can be used as an accompaniment to bread for a busy breakfast, pasta for dinner, or other Italian dishes.It is a soup that can be drunk thickly with just hot water.

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